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  • IDA 31 Kalvebod Brygge København, 1560 Denmark (map)

More than 30 years ago, the development of the so-called Kappel propeller started. The originator of this propeller, Jens Julius Kappel, has devoted a large part of his life to the project. Today the propeller is produced by MAN Diesel & Turbo, which has bought the rights from Mr. Kappel.

The story of this unique engineering work has now been written by the well-known author Bruce Peter, who has written several books about ships and shipbuilding history. The book describes the development of the Kappel propeller, as told by the key people involved. Thanks to grants from Skibsteknisk Selskabs Fond, the book will be available to the participants of the meeting free of charge.

At the meeting Jens Kappel, Bruce Peter, Poul Andersen from DTU Maritime and Jens Ring Nielsen from MAN Diesel & Turbo will give the complete history of this unique propeller development

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