Honorary Scholarship 2011

The Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Foundation's Honorary Scholarship was awarded to Adrian Coman and Dennis Ingham for their commitment and hard work. 


To the right Dennis Ingham, DTU, together with the Chairman, Claus Kruse, of The Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Foundation.

Dennis Ingham has just started with his thesis concerning estimation of a ship's relative rate against the waves. The analysis, which is the basis for the estimation, is based on the response measurements made on the ship, and the intention is to perform the analysis while the vessel is sailing in an operational situation. If it is possible to estimate a ship's relative direction to the waves, this information will be a valuable input for decision support systems, which advises the crew around the course and speed for safety and fuel consumption.

Dennis Ingham er netop i gang med sit kandidatspeciale omhandlende estimering af et skibs relative kurs i forhold til bølger. Aalysen, som ligger til grund for estimeringen, baseres på responsmålinger foretaget på skibet, og det er hensigten at kunne foretage analysen, mens skibet gør fart i en operationel situation. Såfremt det er muligt at estimere et skibs relative retning til bølgerne, vil denne information være et værdifuldt input til beslutningsstøttesystemer, som rådgiver skibets besætning omkring kurs og fart med henblik på sikkerhed og brændstofforbrug.

Dennis Ingham performs his thesis at the Section of Coastal, Maritime and Structural Engineering (SKK) at DTU Mechanical Engineering with associate Professor Ulrik Dam Nielsen as supervisor. the thesis period runs from the beginning of October, 2011, to March, 2012.


Stud. Eng. Adrian Coman, DTU with supervisor Senior Researcher Hans Otto Kristensen to the left and Section Manager, professor Jørgen Juncher Jensen to the right. 

Adrian Coman is writing his MSc thesis, where he will examine the possibility of replacing certain parts of steel construction in Ro-Ro ships' superstructures of composite structures in order to achieve weight savings. This will cause a deplacementreduction which ultimately results in a reduction of propulsion. The project is done with Christian Berggreen and Hans Otto Kristensen, both DTU Mechanical Engineering, as supervisors.