Honorary Scholarship 2013

The Danish Society for Naval Architcture and Marine Engineering Foundation Honorary Scholarship 2013 was awarded to Thor Peter Andersen and Lasse Normann de Boer.


Number two from the left sholarship winner Thor Peter Andersen. Right of Thor is associate Professor Poul Andersen and associate Professor Harry Bingham. Left of Thor is member is member of the board of The Danish Society for Naval Architcture and Marine Engineering Foundation associate Professor Ulrik Dam Nielsen.

On behalf of DTU, Stud. Eng. Thor Peter Andersen was nominated for the Honorary Scholarship.

DTU justified their nomination with: "Thor has all the way through his studies opted for the full range of marine-related courses offered at DTU Mechanical Engineering and he is now enrolled in the Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering. In addition, Thor is currently chairman of the maritime fraternity Nul-Kryds, where he performs a large and committed work. Thor receiving the Honorary Scholarship will be very meritorious."


Lasse Normann de Boer

Ulrik Dam Nielsen nominated Lasse with the following wording: "Through his studies of marine engineering and related tasks, Lasse has shown skill and dedication in the maritime area. In the fall of 2013 in his capacity as acting chairman of the student union Nul-Kryds, Lasse coordinated and represented DTU with a study trip to Singapore for marine engineering students. Lasse has fully earned the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Foundation's Honorary Scholarshi."