Honorary Scholarship 2015

The three recipients of the DanishSociety for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Foundation Honorary Scholarship 2015 are :


Bruno Friis, who has just completed his professional education (marine engineer) at MARTEC. Bruno Friis' final project was based on the optimization of Man Diesel & Turbo Brazil's calculation model for calculating the costs associated with services. The project excelled by not only working with technical solutions, but also by placing a large focus on economics and management.

Sam Jacobsen from Aarhus Maskinmesterskole, who in connection with his final undergraduate internship aboard a faroese trawler wondered about the occurring ice deposits on the cooling system's evaporators and therefore decided to try to find a solution to the problem. The project shows a good theoretical knowledge, a good overview, and an analytical approach coupled with the practical challenges.

Christian Simon Nielsen, DTU Mekanik, who in his master's thesis developed a method for evaluating ships' reserve force in bad weather. The method is presented in a single-use tool, based on a ship's main dimensions and area of operation estimating the increased wave resistance. The tool allows users to quickly gain an overview of a ship maneuverability in waves and thus implement the necessary measures early in the design phase. The project has been the subject of great interest and support of the industry, which only underlines the need for such a tool.