Scholarships 2007

Support for SIMAC, Svendborg, DKK 55,000 towards the purchase of textbooks and manuals for the school library
Support for MARTEC, Frederikshavn, DKK 10,000 as a contribution towards a study trip to the USA for 23 students
Support for the Student Association Nul-Kryds DKK 8,000 as a contribution towards the participation in Nordiske Højskolers Skibsbygningsstuderende (NTHS) congress in Tronhjem
Support for  MEK Institute DKK 15,000 for the purchase of textbooks for the Institute's library
Støtte til MEK Institute DKK 6,000 towards the execution af a paper boat competition in order to create awareness on the marine engineering area 

In total the Foundation distributed DKK 94,000