Scholarships 2008

During 2008, the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering has supported education and the dissemination of knowledge within marine engineering in the amount of DKK 60,000. The amount was distributed on the below activities 

Under the auspices of Force Technology the SIMMAN 2008 Work Shop was held in Copenhagen. The purpose was  to uncover the strengths of different maneuver prediction methods associated with freely floating model tests.
Supported with DKK 10,000

Nordiske Tekniske Højskolers Skibsbygningsstuderendes 61. congres was held in Copenhagen this year. The congress is held alternately in the Nordic countries and aims to raise awareness of the maritime industry in the Nordic countries, and not least help to create contacts between the students.
Supported with DKK 15,000 

The conference Design & Operation of Container Ships which was held in London was attended by two Danish ships engineering students whose participation in both of them were part of a course in design of a Panamax container ship
Supported with DKK 6,000 

With the participation of three Danish naval students, the Student Meet Industry was held in Rostock for the purpose of establishing contact between the shipping industry and marine engineering.
Supported with 3,219

Total distribution DKK 34,219