Scholarships 2011

Support towards coverage participant fees and travel expenses for Nul-Kryds particiaption at Nordiske Tekniske Højskolers Skibsbygningsstuderendes (NTHS) 64. congres in Finland
Supported with DKK 15,000

Support towards free student participation at the conferencen MSSM 2011
Supported with DKK 25,000

Support towards covarage of expenses in connection with participation in STG konference in Duisburg, Tyskland for Aleksander Hamdan, Christian Holm and Mathias Nyman Rasmussen (DTU)
Supported with DKK 5,680

Support towards execution of the conference The 27th International Workshop on Water Wawes and Floating Bodies (DTU) 
Supported with DKK 25,000 kr.

Support towards free participation in DSNAME's conference Ressource Exploration Under Extreme Arctic Conditions" for students from fra DTU  
Supported with DKK 2,500

Support towards participation in conference at JIN 2011 for Ulrik Dam Nielsen.
Supported with DKK 7,000

Distributions in total DKK 80,180