Scholarships 2013


Søfartsteknisk Forening – STF. Support towards the making of a new website
Supported with DKK 30,000

Niels Brehm Nielsen og Meta C. B. Dam, graduat studens from DTU Management. Support towards coverage of travel expenses, accommodation and meals in connection with trip to Tromsø, Norway
Supported with DKK 10.000

Franz Hastrup-Nielsen, enginerring students from DTU. Support towards funding for at semester at Clarkson University, New York, USA
Supported with DKK 5,000

Jonas Mertz, Engineer student from Maskinmesterskolen København. Support towards the finishing of his graduate Støtte til færdiggørelsen af sin Bachelor's degree in Switserland
Supported with DKK 10,000

Nul-Kryds. Support towards execution of 66. NTHS congres held at DTU in 2013
Supported with DKK 25,000

MEK, DTU. Support towards study trip to Singapore for 25 maritime engineer students from DTU
Supported with DKK 75,000

Transportens Innovationsnetværk (TINV). Support towards study trip to Stavanger, Norway
Supported with DKK 25,000

Distribution in total in the spring 2013 DKK 180,000



Niels Hvid, Student at DTU. Support towards already held stay in Stockholm and Tokyo
Supported with DKK 15,000

Ulrikke Brandt, Diploma engineer. Support towards Master's degree in Sweden and Norway
Supported with DKK 15,000 

Nul-Kryds sought permission to transfer a previous donation of DKK 25,000 from for the execution of the 66. NTHS kongres to this year's NTHS congres
The application was supported

Christian Vad Karsten, Ph.d.-student. Support towards stay at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Supported with DKK 20,000 

Harry Bingham, associate Professor at DTU. Support towards study trip to DNV in Oslo
Supported with DKK 30,000 

Ulrik Dam Nielsen, associate Professor at DTU. Support towards combined research stay and congres participation in Singapore and Sydkorea
Supported with DKK 12,000 

Franz-Hastrup-Nielsen, student. Application to the effect of keeping previos donotation for at study trip which had to be cancelled due to illness
The application was supported

Distribution in total in the autumn 2013 DKK 92,000

Total didstribution in 2013 DKK 272,000